Damn Heat!

2010-06-01 20:33:42 by DougApproved

Well, I couldn't finish my Girlchan character in time for the deadline, but oh well, I will enjoy seeing who won. This heat is starting to drive me fucking insane! As a human, we are naturally picky. The Winter is to cold, the Summer is to hot. We just can't live with something. How about it just be fall or spring all year? Sounds good to me. I have been working on my guitar skills (Ibanez RG120 white, solid body, humbucker pickups, 24 jumbo frets, and 3 way selector switch if anyone is interested.) And have been working on my music in general. As for flash animating, I'm trying my best, but certain things are keeping me from being motivated. But I will continue to try.

What I'm up to.

2010-05-25 21:46:22 by DougApproved

Greeting Newgrounds! DougApproved here, with a post on what I have been doing, and what I shall be doing. Well right now I'm working on my character for Egoraptor's GirlChan contest, I would tell you about the character, but a picture is worth a thousand words. I also am working on an animation that I have been putting off for quite some time called "The Super Rejects." I also am working with my friends and film crew on new videos that will be posted on my Youtube account www.youtube.com/user/AwesomeOpossums. But I plan on focusing on my Newgrounds stuff. Oh, I will also be posting new art and audio, but you would know that if you READ MY LAST POST!!!!!!! Well that's all for now, ta ta (not tata's you perverts.)

And here is a pic a drew of one of my favorite Youtube man.....guys.....MysteryGuitarMan!

What I'm up to.

Hello once again Newgrounds, this is DougApproved with an IMPORTA...well ok post I guess. Well I noticed that I don't have any videos on my Newground account, which kinda upsets me because of the fact that I constantly work on videos. I mean I have a few audio submissions (more coming soon) and they have some decent scores, but I don't think it is enough. The only video that I took part in was The All Sprites Collab, and I wasen't a co-author, so it doesn't show up in my Flash submissions box. So the only way you could tell that I was in it, is if you watched it already, or your reading this and you just found out. It also won an award, which is pretty sweet, but once again I wasen't a co-author, so yeah. I am working on a sprite film (I don't care if you don't like sprite movies, I do, so I'm making one) and I'm working on a Flash Cartoon series. I'm not sure when I will post all this stuff, but I'm working my ass off. Well thats it for now, ta ta Newgrounds. Until next time.
Oh, and heres a random Flash drawing. Peace.

I'm actually going to be posting videos and audio...soon....for real this time.

Upcoming Cartoon.

2009-07-13 23:43:54 by DougApproved

The Super Rejects. That is the name of the cartoon series that will on Newgrounds only. I am animating and doing all the voice acting for the pilot. I'm trying to make it a good 10 minutes long, I want to get the pilot up ASAP but at the same time I am trying not to rush myself, for I want it to be good.

Here is a poster for the show, containg the three main characters.
The Floater-The guy who is a floating head.
Flammers-The gay gu...I mean the guy screaming at fire.
Glowstick-The guy who is glowing...duh.

Basically if you have any questions on the plot or the characters in the show, be patient, all...most all of your questions will be answered in the Pilot.

Upcoming Cartoon.

Me and Newgrounds

2009-07-05 09:13:00 by DougApproved

Well basically it all started a few years back (not to specific on when but oh well) and I was just starting to get more familar with the internet. Then I came across Newgrounds again. The reason for me saying again is because i remember Newgrounds from even a longer time ago (still not sure when.) Basically I just saw Newgrounds as a home for people who were in love with video games, and hentai. But never judge a book by it's cover. A couple years ago I got back on Newgrounds and saw it from a different perspective. I then realized that Newgrounds is more then what I thought it to be. Newgrounds was the start of many famous things. For Example Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, Charlie the Unicorn, The Awesome series, and other great animations and games. Now that I have an account on Newgrounds, I want to contribute to this site, sure it would be great to give myself a bigger name through Newgrounds, so that I could meet and talk to famous people like, Egorapter, MindChamber, The-Swain, Stamper, JohhnyUtah, and Tom Fulp himself. But I would rather enjoy just being a driving force behind Newgrounds, instead of always talking about me, talking about what I can do for Newgrounds. Now I don't really know where to start with this, so currently I have taken part in a couple collab's, The Sprites Collab, and the Castle Crashers Collab. I can only hope that these Collab's can help me with my struggle to become known, and to help a already amazing site. To Newgrounds, Tom Fulp, and everyone else who has made this site so wonderful to be a part of, thank you for being there. I'm always DougApproving everything, so I can only hope the Newgrounds will approve DougApproved.

Me and Newgrounds


2009-06-19 16:42:15 by DougApproved

Greetings Newgrounds, it is I again...DOUG APPROVED. Im here to tell you about a comic that I am in the process of making a comic of graphic novel if you will. Basically I started to write the storyline for this comic quite some time ago, but now i'm actually starting to produce it. If you have been checking the Art Portal, you might have seen one of my drawings (most likely not.) But this is one of the drawing's that I have submited. It is a drawing of one of the characters from the comic-graphic novel. His name is I-CON. I don't really feel like telling you the whole story, or what the comic revolves around. But if you want to know more just let me know. See ya later.


Here is a Screen Shot of the intro to Reptile Vs Gouki. I will not be making a trailer for the flash film, but instead just uploading the whole thing whenever its finished.

Thanks again to R1665 for giving me a few hints on sprite animation. THANKIES!!!!!!!!!


Screen Shot Of Reptile Vs Gouki

More Updates

2009-04-27 20:07:50 by DougApproved

Once again my computer has accomplished pissing me off. While working on Shin Gouki vs Ken, about 4 minutes in Flash had a malfunction, then whenever I tried to bring up the file again, it was corrupted.

I told my friend about this (William) and he said "whatever happened to the sprite video you said you
were going to make with me as Reptile and you as Gouki."

So delight me, my friend, and newgrounds, I will now continue to work of Reptile Vs Gouki.

Special thanks to RI665 for helping me with my sprite animation with some helpful hints.

DOUG APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-02-27 00:50:15 by DougApproved

Hey yall, for anyone reading this I AM NOT GOING TO FINISH THE GOUKI VS KEN MOVIE..............but I will finish the SHIN Gouki vs Ken movie.....what nothing? Well anyway about mid-way through I decided to make Gouki, Shin Gouki just to up things....well up. The plot will revolve around as my friend Adam as Ken and his evil twin brother Alex as Shin Gouki. Coming Soon!

Also I will continue to make Naruto sprite remakes, the next one I plan on doing is the Senin fight, but I am having trouble finding sprites.......but I will keep you updated. DOUG APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!